Application guidance

To apply for any of our vacancies, please complete and submit an online application form. Please note we do not accept CVs.

It is not possible to produce a good application without giving yourself the time to do so. You need to read through the form itself, and any accompanying documents, before you begin to draft your answers. The most important document to refer to when applying for a job is the person specification as shortlisting decisions will be made by cross referencing the person specification requirements with the information you provide us on the application form.

  • Check your dates and details for the factual sections
  • Consider which of your achievements/experiences you can use. Examples can be drawn from your social/personal life as well as your academic and work experiences
  • Think about what the employer is looking for and what you need to show
  • Be truthful in the information you are giving
  • Remember that this is an opportunity to sell yourself

Tailor your application

You need to be sure that you are applying to the right job, otherwise you will find it extremely difficult to complete the application form:

  • Have you thoroughly researched both the job and the council?
  • Do you have a realistic idea of what the job involves?
  • Do you know what the council is looking for?
  • Could you do the job?

Take your time and prepare carefully

  • List the skills that are required and then list the evidence you will use to match them
  • Use positive language and write clearly and concisely 
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Get someone to check what you have written
  • Proof read your application before submitting it

Follow any instructions as they appear on the form

  • Check with your referees before putting their names down. You may also want to let them know which job you have applied for and give them a copy of your application or the job description
  • Make sure that you have answered all the questions 
  • Keep a copy of the completed form - you will need to refer to it if you get invited to an interview